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This collection documents the restoration of Phoenix's Block 14. Located at the heart of downtown Phoenix, Block 14 is the only remaining residential block from the original Phoenix townsite. As the city grew over time, Block 14 and other residential areas were encompassed by commercial development. Over the years, many homes fell into disrepair and were demolished.

In the early 1970s, Phoenix's urban renewal campaigns targeted Block 14 for razing. A community effort spearheaded by former Phoenix Mayor, John Driggs, resulted in the City of Phoenix purchasing the Rosson House and the remainder of the homes in Block 14. This highly successful community and governmental partnership led to the creation of a park which was named Heritage Square.

At the center of the project was the restoration of the Rosson House. A group of dedicated volunteers meticulously restored this Phoenix landmark to its 1895 condition. Originally intended to be a meeting house, the Rosson House soon morphed into a museum. During the restoration of Heritage Square, other buildings were also restored and infrastructure was added to the park.

Our physical collection consists of 4 linear feet of documents and approximately 2,000 photographs. In 2011, this collection received a grant from the Historical Records Advisory Board to aid with its preservation.

View of the Rosson House, North Side

View of the Rosson House, North Side

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